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Welcome! My name is Suzanne and I would have to say for as long as I can remember, my hands and heart have been creating something. I majored in Art way back when, took private lessons in my teens. I'll never forget how upset Mrs.Race became when I put a Granny Smith Apple Green mailbox in my snowy white winter scene - my world has alot of popping colors! For the most part, I'm a self-taught, trial and error artist and craftswoman.

A native New Englander, married forever to a wonderful funny man named Lance, we've raised three handsome sons and currently have four grandchildren. My muse is taking care of the family- whether I'm making a big pot of home-made Suzy Soup, planting/pulling weeds from the gardens, cleaning out bird cages, hanging out the wash or just sitting on the back porch waiting for the greatest inspiration to blow in on a southern breeze.

There's no place like home. All four seasons have something wonderful to unveil here in Massachusetts. The ever-changing colors, textures and vibrations passionately exalt me. As do my dreams, meditations, smells, sounds, a word, a prayer, a song. They're all a piece of my history and I don't want to miss a thing.

My Website
"The Earth Mother cradles humanity in nature's relentless and timeless cycles. In these ancient rythyms beats a universal and eternal lifeforce".

I will work with anything that catches my senses and imagination. Pods, wood, sticks, fibers, feathers, textiles, junk metals and more. I like to upcycle and recycle to help Mother Earth not to have so much to carry inside.

I love to paint in acrylics on board or canvas, love to machine sew and sew by hand. My Earth Dolls are actually stuffed with hand-picked cat-o-nine tail fluff and rice to give them weight.

I have always had a very strong connection to cultural design, etherial art and historic pieces. Native American is my all time passion. I have a native heart, red blood, blue eyes and it's as much a part of who I am as my own two feet.

I adhere to the old ways of crafting. It means more that way. Cleaning out a Gourd using a clam shell is hard work but alot more gratifying. Being able to work with a Gourd, something my Mother Earth has provided my ancestors with way back when (and still does to this day) just blows my mind.

She alone has the most perfect form already; that fruit of the vine, perfect shape, proportion, line and texture. So, in working with them, I don't want to take away from the space that already is. A few embellishments, some color, a feather or two, some hide and beads but still allow the first creation to speak.

I am still and will always be amazed when cracking open a nice, dried Gourd, with the way each and every single seed lays gently, safely, row after row in the mesh of the womb. Those seeds are gathered and resewn back to the original crafter. I hope you enjoy their singing as much as I do.

I would like to use this website like a little storefront into my own back yard. In that way, it will be ever-changing like the cycles in New England. Each piece is signed with my mark - two mountain peaks with a rising sun. All my works are original and most are "one-of-a-kind".

Please come back for another visit. Bring a friend or two! Hope to see you soon.
Peace up!

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